Bethnal Green, London



Latitude: 51.5269736, Longitude: -0.0667204


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ASH, Frank P  1882Bethnal Green, London I7739
2 BAKER, Henry Thomas  3 Mar 1881Bethnal Green, London I5173
3 BALLS, Alfred  1863Bethnal Green, London I0996
4 BALLS, Esther  1870Bethnal Green, London I0998
5 BALLS, Susannah  1867Bethnal Green, London I0997
6 BASS, Alice Naomi  1887Bethnal Green, London I5696
7 BASS, Joseph Daniel  1880Bethnal Green, London I5694
8 BASS, Thomas William Albert  1883Bethnal Green, London I5695
9 BROOKS, Emma Hannah  1861Bethnal Green, London I6843
10 CLARK, Margaret Alice  13 Apr 1922Bethnal Green, London I5171
11 DOUGHTY, Frederick James  1892Bethnal Green, London I2541
12 DOUGHTY, Richard William  1895Bethnal Green, London I2542
13 DOUGHTY, Sidney Archibald  1894Bethnal Green, London I2545
14 HUGGINS, Albert Edward  1897Bethnal Green, London I6848
15 HUGGINS, Arthur Herbert  1905Bethnal Green, London I6851
16 HUGGINS, Emma Maud  1887Bethnal Green, London I6845
17 HUGGINS, Florence Elizabeth  1889Bethnal Green, London I6846
18 HUGGINS, Frederick John  1883Bethnal Green, London I6844
19 HUGGINS, George Robert  1900Bethnal Green, London I6849
20 HUGGINS, Lilian Edith  1903Bethnal Green, London I6850
21 HUGGINS, Rose Lucy  13 Dec 1895Bethnal Green, London I6840
22 HUGGINS, William James  1892Bethnal Green, London I6847
23 JONES, Alice Amelia  1862Bethnal Green, London I5693


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DOUGHTY, James  1903Bethnal Green, London I2531
2 JENNINGS, Emily Henrietta  1939Bethnal Green, London I2532
3 SYKES, Harriett Louisa  1898Bethnal Green, London I2543


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 BAKER, William  1875Bethnal Green, London I5216
2 BASS, Thomas  1881Bethnal Green, London I5686
3 BASS, Thomas  1891Bethnal Green, London I5686
4 BASS, Thomas  1901Bethnal Green, London I5686
5 BASS, Thomas  1907Bethnal Green, London I5686
6 BASS, Thomas  1914Bethnal Green, London I5686
7 JONES, Daniel  1881Bethnal Green, London I5700
8 MAYO, William  1881Bethnal Green, London I5203
9 MITCHELL, Edwin William  1902Bethnal Green, London I3226
10 MORRIS, James  1898Bethnal Green, London I5702
11 MORRIS, John Robert  1898Bethnal Green, London I5701
12 NAYLER, William  1861Bethnal Green, London I10006
13 ROGERS, Frank George  1895Bethnal Green, London I5868


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ELMER / COUVES  1953Bethnal Green, London F1720
2 GOOD / HUGGINS  1915Bethnal Green, London F1890
3 HARCOURT / BOREHAM  1875Bethnal Green, London F1409
4 TEDDER / DONALDSON  09 Aug 1885Bethnal Green, London F0753