Birmingham, Warwickshire



Latitude: 52.4959955, Longitude: -1.8564172


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BAILEY, Charles  11 Feb 1845Birmingham, Warwickshire I10323
2 CARLESS, Ada  1871Birmingham, Warwickshire I10337
3 CARLESS, Alice  1860Birmingham, Warwickshire I10338
4 CARLESS, Amy  1909Birmingham, Warwickshire I10431
5 CARLESS, Ann  1782Birmingham, Warwickshire I10439
6 CARLESS, Ann  1841Birmingham, Warwickshire I10346
7 CARLESS, Arthur  1773Birmingham, Warwickshire I10347
8 CARLESS, Arthur  1833Birmingham, Warwickshire I10343
9 CARLESS, Benjamin  1768Birmingham, Warwickshire I10438
10 CARLESS, Benjamin  13 Mar 1817Birmingham, Warwickshire I10353
11 CARLESS, Clara  1869Birmingham, Warwickshire I10341
12 CARLESS, Edward  1770Birmingham, Warwickshire I10436
13 CARLESS, Edwin  1843Birmingham, Warwickshire I10349
14 CARLESS, Elizabeth  1776Birmingham, Warwickshire I10437
15 CARLESS, Elizabeth  6 Jul 1819Birmingham, Warwickshire I10434
16 CARLESS, Ellen  1867Birmingham, Warwickshire I10336
17 CARLESS, Emma  1851Birmingham, Warwickshire I10352
18 CARLESS, Emma  1858Birmingham, Warwickshire I10342
19 CARLESS, Frank  1865Birmingham, Warwickshire I10340
20 CARLESS, Frank Borwell  27 Nov 1877Birmingham, Warwickshire I10409
21 CARLESS, Frederick  1864Birmingham, Warwickshire I10334
22 CARLESS, George  31 Jan 1812Birmingham, Warwickshire I10432
23 CARLESS, George  1836Birmingham, Warwickshire I10344
24 CARLESS, Jane  1862Birmingham, Warwickshire I10339
25 CARLESS, Kate  1857Birmingham, Warwickshire I10335
26 CARLESS, Lucy  1838Birmingham, Warwickshire I10345
27 CARLESS, Mary  1765Birmingham, Warwickshire I10435
28 CARLESS, Mary  26 Dec 1809Birmingham, Warwickshire I10358
29 CARLESS, Mary  1848Birmingham, Warwickshire I10351
30 CARLESS, Sarah  1846Birmingham, Warwickshire I10350
31 CARLESS, Sarah Ann  1850Birmingham, Warwickshire I10332
32 CARLESS, Thomas Borwell  1878Birmingham, Warwickshire I10429
33 CARLESS, William  8 Apr 1808Birmingham, Warwickshire I10330
34 CARLESS, William  1828Birmingham, Warwickshire I10329
35 CARLESS, William  1853Birmingham, Warwickshire I10333
36 FOXALL, Amy  1886Birmingham, Warwickshire I10430
37 GREGSON, Elizabeth  15 Nov 1870Birmingham, Warwickshire I6012
38 GREGSON, Frederick  1872Birmingham, Warwickshire I6018
39 GREGSON, George  1855Birmingham, Warwickshire I6092
40 GREGSON, Giles  1858Birmingham, Warwickshire I6093
41 GREGSON, Sarah Ann  1867Birmingham, Warwickshire I6095
42 GREGSON, Violet A  1869Birmingham, Warwickshire I6017
43 HOLLIS, Mary  1779Birmingham, Warwickshire I10348
44 MILLS, Ann  1812Birmingham, Warwickshire I10331
45 NAYLER, Robert John M  1877Birmingham, Warwickshire I4325
46 PLOWS, Emma Matilda  1839Birmingham, Warwickshire I10362
47 PLOWS, Joseph Thomas  1841Birmingham, Warwickshire I10363
48 PLOWS, Louisa Joyce  1845Birmingham, Warwickshire I10364
49 PLOWS, Mary A  1837Birmingham, Warwickshire I10361
50 PLOWS, Mary Louisa  1860Birmingham, Warwickshire I10442

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CARLESS, Amy  1910Birmingham, Warwickshire I10431
2 CARLESS, Thomas Borwell  1883Birmingham, Warwickshire I10429
3 CARLESS, William  1860Birmingham, Warwickshire I10330
4 CARLESS, William  1876Birmingham, Warwickshire I10329
5 HOLLIS, Mary  1851Birmingham, Warwickshire I10348
6 RUMBLE, Maria  1870Birmingham, Warwickshire I6075
7 WILDMAN, Catherine  1893Birmingham, Warwickshire I10317


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 BAILEY, Charles  23 Jun 1845Birmingham, Warwickshire I10323
2 CARLESS, Ann  19 May 1815Birmingham, Warwickshire I10433

Military ID

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military ID    Person ID 
1 WILDMAN, John  16 Jan 1892Birmingham, Warwickshire I2267


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 BAILEY, Thomas  Jun 1845Birmingham, Warwickshire I10322
2 GREGSON, Isaac Frederick  1869Birmingham, Warwickshire I6015
3 SAVAGE, Howard William  1886Birmingham, Warwickshire I6098
4 WILDMAN, Charles  1862Birmingham, Warwickshire I4628
5 WILDMAN, Charles  1881Birmingham, Warwickshire I4628
6 WILDMAN, Charles  1891Birmingham, Warwickshire I4628


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CARLESS / FOXALL  1908Birmingham, Warwickshire F2957
2 CARLESS / HOLLIS  19 Aug 1800Birmingham, Warwickshire F2947