Bloxwich, Staffordshire



Latitude: 52.6165017, Longitude: -1.9976066


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BOOT, Charles  1830Bloxwich, Staffordshire I9670
2 BOOT, Edward  1814Bloxwich, Staffordshire I9673
3 BOOT, Edward  1837Bloxwich, Staffordshire I9650
4 BOOT, Hannah Ethel  1855Bloxwich, Staffordshire I9625
5 BOOT, Rebecca  1857Bloxwich, Staffordshire I9649
6 BOOT, Samuel  1834Bloxwich, Staffordshire I9669
7 BOOT, William  1806Bloxwich, Staffordshire I9667
8 BOOT, William Hone  31 Jan 1831Bloxwich, Staffordshire I9623
9 BOOT, William James  1859Bloxwich, Staffordshire I9626
10 CORNS, Alfred  1848Bloxwich, Staffordshire I9643
11 CORNS, Alice Clara  1833Bloxwich, Staffordshire I9637
12 CORNS, Anne Maria  1849Bloxwich, Staffordshire I9644
13 CORNS, Enoch  1846Bloxwich, Staffordshire I9642
14 CORNS, Hannah  1836Bloxwich, Staffordshire I9638
15 CORNS, Jane Ann  1842Bloxwich, Staffordshire I9641
16 CORNS, Jebez  1853Bloxwich, Staffordshire I9646
17 CORNS, John Mark  1839Bloxwich, Staffordshire I9639
18 CORNS, Maria  1830Bloxwich, Staffordshire I9636
19 CORNS, Mary Ann  1840Bloxwich, Staffordshire I9640
20 CORNS, Selina Rebecca  1832Bloxwich, Staffordshire I9624
21 CORNS, William Henry  1850Bloxwich, Staffordshire I9645
22 UNKNOWN, Elizabeth  1798Bloxwich, Staffordshire I9668


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 BOOT, Edward  2 Jul 1837Bloxwich, Staffordshire I9650
2 BOOT, Samuel  19 Jan 1834Bloxwich, Staffordshire I9669
3 BOOT, William  1 Feb 1807Bloxwich, Staffordshire I9667
4 BOOT, William Hone  19 Jan 1834Bloxwich, Staffordshire I9623


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 CORNS, Mark  1851Bloxwich, Staffordshire I9634