Camberwell, London



Latitude: 51.4740874, Longitude: -0.0930013


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
51 HAYNES, George  1876Camberwell, London I0148
52 HAYNES, Louisa H  1882Camberwell, London I0150
53 HAYNES, Thomas  1877Camberwell, London I0149
54 HAZELWOOD, Sylvia J  1929Camberwell, London I5878
55 KEMP, Alfred Francis  1891Camberwell, London I3409
56 KEMP, Alice Elsie  1898Camberwell, London I3411
57 KEMP, Charlie Norman  1901Camberwell, London I3413
58 KEMP, Clara Maud  1889Camberwell, London I3408
59 KEMP, Frank Edward  1899Camberwell, London I3412
60 KEMP, George Frederick  1892Camberwell, London I3410
61 KEMP, Lillian Rose  21 Oct 1914Camberwell, London I6884
62 KEMP, Rose Laurie  1895Camberwell, London I1065
63 LUCKHURST, Albert Edward  1899Camberwell, London I0713
64 LUCKHURST, Annie Louise  1902Camberwell, London I4192
65 LUCKHURST, Leonard  1910Camberwell, London I4204
66 MALTHOUSE, John   I3154
67 MALTHOUSE, Louisa   I3155
68 MEEK, John  1860Camberwell, London I0318
69 NAYLER, Mary Emily Louisa  1872Camberwell, London I3274
70 O'CONNOR, Joan   I3232
71 RAY, Ada  1881Camberwell, London I1892
72 TAYLOR, Jacqueline   I1747
73 UNKNOWN, Eliza R  1815Camberwell, London I1831
74 WARD, Mabel Florence  10 Aug 1912Camberwell, London I2557

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