Clerkenwell, London



Latitude: 51.5227600, Longitude: -0.1038420


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AGLAND, William  13 Feb 1856Clerkenwell, London I0211
2 BROOKS, Ann  1873Clerkenwell, London I2967
3 BROOKS, Emily  1877Clerkenwell, London I2968
4 BROOKS, James  1851Clerkenwell, London I2965
5 BROOKS, James  1872Clerkenwell, London I2971
6 BROOKS, Jessie  1883Clerkenwell, London I2964
7 BROOKS, Joseph  1847Clerkenwell, London I2975
8 BROOKS, Maud  1888Clerkenwell, London I2969
9 BROOKS, Roland John  1890Clerkenwell, London I2970
10 BROOKS, Rose  1876Clerkenwell, London I2963
11 BROOKS, William  1853Clerkenwell, London I2976
12 BROOKS, William  1879Clerkenwell, London I2972
13 BROWN, Jane  1852Clerkenwell, London I1851
14 BUSH, Jane Mary Ann  1810Clerkenwell, London I5784
15 CLEMENTS, Harry  1900Clerkenwell, London I2977
16 DONALDSON, Clara  1876Clerkenwell, London I2695
17 DONALDSON, Jane Annie  1871Clerkenwell, London I2691
18 DONALDSON, John Samuel  1879Clerkenwell, London I2696
19 LEWIS, Ellen  1841Clerkenwell, London I1971
20 LEWIS, John  1852Clerkenwell, London I1043
21 LEWIS, Martha  1849Clerkenwell, London I1970
22 LEWIS, William  1845Clerkenwell, London I1969
23 NAYLER, Harry Edgar T  1890Clerkenwell, London I4331
24 NAYLER, Hilda Priscilla May  1889Clerkenwell, London I10001
25 ROGERS, Arthur John  1905Clerkenwell, London I5873
26 ROGERS, Frank George  1896Clerkenwell, London I5870
27 ROGERS, Frederick James  1901Clerkenwell, London I5872
28 ROGERS, Jessie Beckingham  1897Clerkenwell, London I5871
29 ROGERS, Philip Henry  1910Clerkenwell, London I5876
30 ROGERS, Rosina Maud  1906Clerkenwell, London I5874
31 ROGERS, Stephen Thomas  1909Clerkenwell, London I5875
32 ROLLS, Ernest Edward  1859Clerkenwell, London I5852
33 SOUTHON, Jessie Rosina  1878Clerkenwell, London I5869
34 UNKNOWN, Ann  1853Clerkenwell, London I2966
35 UNKNOWN, Elizabeth  1814Clerkenwell, London I1816
36 WIGGINS, Emily  1892Clerkenwell, London I1850
37 WIGGINS, Stephen  1 Jan 1892Clerkenwell, London I1770
38 WORMS, Susannah Marion  1879Clerkenwell, London I9864


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 APPLEBY, Mary Ann  1901Clerkenwell, London I6513
2 BROOKS, Ann  1891Clerkenwell, London I2967
3 BROOKS, James  1881Clerkenwell, London I2965
4 BROOKS, James  1891Clerkenwell, London I2965
5 BROOKS, James  1901Clerkenwell, London I2965
6 BROOKS, James  1911Clerkenwell, London I2965
7 MILLINGTON, Edward  1881Clerkenwell, London I3551
8 MILLINGTON, Edward  1891Clerkenwell, London I3551
9 MILLINGTON, John  1881Clerkenwell, London I3549
10 MILLINGTON, John  1891Clerkenwell, London I3549
11 MILLINGTON, Mark  1881Clerkenwell, London I3547
12 NAYLER, Robert Covington  1891Clerkenwell, London I3276
13 ROGERS, Frank George  1901Clerkenwell, London I5868
14 ROGERS, Frank George  1902Clerkenwell, London I5868
15 ROGERS, Frank George  1911Clerkenwell, London I5868
16 UNKNOWN, Ann  1861Clerkenwell, London I2973


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 NISBETT / FOXALL  1842Clerkenwell, London F2656