Leigh on Sea, Essex



Latitude: 51.54432427670314, Longitude: 0.6514396883910649


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 EMERY, Esther Eliza   I5305
2 FROST, Agnes Letitia  1901Leigh on Sea, Essex I2841
3 FROST, Eliza  1877Leigh on Sea, Essex I5827
4 FROST, Esther  1867Leigh on Sea, Essex I5663
5 FROST, Esther Caroline  1900Leigh on Sea, Essex I2840
6 FROST, Flora  1880Leigh on Sea, Essex I5828
7 FROST, Flossy  1903Leigh on Sea, Essex I2842
8 FROST, Frank Frederick  1912Leigh on Sea, Essex I2849
9 FROST, Gladys Maud  1908Leigh on Sea, Essex I2844
10 FROST, Henry Edward  1907Leigh on Sea, Essex I2843
11 FROST, James Henry  1844Leigh on Sea, Essex I5304
12 FROST, Jonathan  1864Leigh on Sea, Essex I5306
13 FROST, Nellie Edna  12 Dec 1905Leigh on Sea, Essex I1379
14 FROST, Robert  1874Leigh on Sea, Essex I2838
15 FROST, Robert Thomas Douglas  1910Leigh on Sea, Essex I2848
16 NOAKES, Arthur Albert  1893Leigh on Sea, Essex I1407
17 NOAKES, Cecil Sydney  1901Leigh on Sea, Essex I2172
18 NOAKES, Charles A  1886Leigh on Sea, Essex I1385
19 NOAKES, Charles Alfred  1865Leigh on Sea, Essex I1383
20 NOAKES, Edward Olley  1887Leigh on Sea, Essex I1386
21 NOAKES, Elizabeth Lily  1895Leigh on Sea, Essex I2140
22 NOAKES, Ernest  1900Leigh on Sea, Essex I2170
23 NOAKES, Harriet E  1863Leigh on Sea, Essex I2834
24 NOAKES, Henry W  1889Leigh on Sea, Essex I1389
25 NOAKES, James  1856Leigh on Sea, Essex I2330
26 NOAKES, Judith M  1861Leigh on Sea, Essex I2833
27 NOAKES, Leonard  1900Leigh on Sea, Essex I2171
28 NOAKES, Margaretta  1854Leigh on Sea, Essex I2312
29 NOAKES, Richard Stanley  3 Mar 1898Leigh on Sea, Essex I1378
30 NOAKES, Rose May  1897Leigh on Sea, Essex I2169
31 NOAKES, Thomas  1826Leigh on Sea, Essex I2174
32 NOAKES, Thomas  1851Leigh on Sea, Essex I2176
33 NOAKES, Valentine Frank  1891Leigh on Sea, Essex I1405
34 NOAKES, Violet Gertrude  1907Leigh on Sea, Essex I2173


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 FROST, James Henry  1881Leigh on Sea, Essex I5304
2 NOAKES, Charles Alfred  1891-1901Leigh on Sea, Essex I1383
3 NOAKES, Thomas  1871-1881Leigh on Sea, Essex I2174