Northbourne, Kent



Latitude: 51.2223780, Longitude: 1.3374350


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BELSEY, Sarah  1792Northbourne, Kent I0605
2 CHURCH, Susannah  1813Northbourne, Kent I0926
3 FORDHAM, William P  1865Northbourne, Kent I2079
4 FRIEND, Charlotte  1840Northbourne, Kent I0924
5 FRIEND, Charlotte Elizabeth  1818Northbourne, Kent I2074
6 FRIEND, Elizabeth  1836Northbourne, Kent I0901
7 FRIEND, James  1844Northbourne, Kent I0927
8 FRIEND, William  1838Northbourne, Kent I0925
9 KEMP, Albert E  1872Northbourne, Kent I0907
10 KEMP, Alfred  1869Northbourne, Kent I0902
11 KEMP, Charles  1863Northbourne, Kent I0903
12 KEMP, Edward John  1865Northbourne, Kent I0904
13 KEMP, Henry Thomas  1868Northbourne, Kent I0163
14 KEMP, Mary E  1874Northbourne, Kent I0908
15 PITTOCK, Julia  1838Northbourne, Kent I2064