Sandwich, Kent



Latitude: 51.2740170, Longitude: 1.3374270


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BOURNE, Frank  1866Sandwich, Kent I4458
2 BRETT, Ada Mary  1866Sandwich, Kent I2452
3 BRETT, Albert Henry  1883Sandwich, Kent I3760
4 BRETT, Albert James  1862Sandwich, Kent I2451
5 BRETT, Alfred George  22 Nov 1888Sandwich, Kent I3776
6 BRETT, Alfred Louis  5 Apr 1891Sandwich, Kent I3774
7 BRETT, Alice  1872Sandwich, Kent I2454
8 BRETT, Arthur Percy  19 Jun 1898Sandwich, Kent I3766
9 BRETT, Bertha Doris  18 Mar 1900Sandwich, Kent I3767
10 BRETT, Cecil George  3 Nov 1903Sandwich, Kent I3769
11 BRETT, Clara Jane  1861Sandwich, Kent I2450
12 BRETT, Daisy  1892Sandwich, Kent I3762
13 BRETT, Edith Rebecca  3 May 1885Sandwich, Kent I3773
14 BRETT, Ellen Maud  1886Sandwich, Kent I3775
15 BRETT, Ernest  1880Sandwich, Kent I2456
16 BRETT, Ethel  1895Sandwich, Kent I3764
17 BRETT, Florence  1884Sandwich, Kent I7178
18 BRETT, Florence Ethel  15 Dec 1889Sandwich, Kent I2457
19 BRETT, Frances Ada  1893Sandwich, Kent I3763
20 BRETT, Frank Harold  1896Sandwich, Kent I3765
21 BRETT, Frederick John  1870Sandwich, Kent I2453
22 BRETT, George  1879Sandwich, Kent I2455
23 BRETT, James  1837Sandwich, Kent I2448
24 BRETT, Lilian Grace  3 Apr 1906Sandwich, Kent I3770
25 BRETT, Lionel Albert Seymour  31 Jul 1913Sandwich, Kent I3782
26 BRETT, Mabel Emily  1 Nov 1901Sandwich, Kent I3768
27 BRETT, May Clara  1887Sandwich, Kent I3777
28 BRETT, Walter James  1 Jun 1884Sandwich, Kent I3761
29 CORNEY, Ann  1862Sandwich, Kent I0347
30 CORNEY, Richard  1830Sandwich, Kent I0346
31 CORNEY, Richard  1856Sandwich, Kent I0348
32 CORNEY, Richard John  1895Sandwich, Kent I0354
33 CORNEY, Sarah Ann  1859Sandwich, Kent I0349
34 CORNEY, Susan  1864Sandwich, Kent I0123
35 CORNEY, Susannah  1827Sandwich, Kent I0608
36 CORNEY, William  1858Sandwich, Kent I0356
37 FRENCH, Herbert  1872Sandwich, Kent I0396
38 FRENCH, Jane Maria  1867Sandwich, Kent I0395
39 FRENCH, Lucy Caroline  1865Sandwich, Kent I0124
40 FRENCH, Richard  1874Sandwich, Kent I0397
41 GILDER, Annie  1860Sandwich, Kent I3664
42 GILDER, Bertha  1880Sandwich, Kent I3671
43 GILDER, Cecil J  1884Sandwich, Kent I3672
44 GILDER, Constance  1878Sandwich, Kent I3670
45 GILDER, Emily  1858Sandwich, Kent I3592
46 GILDER, Harriet  1873Sandwich, Kent I3669
47 GILDER, James  1870Sandwich, Kent I3668
48 GILDER, Lucy  1862Sandwich, Kent I3666
49 GILDER, Mary  1869Sandwich, Kent I3667
50 LASLETT, Jane Ann  1833Sandwich, Kent I0394

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BRETT, Albert James  12 Oct 1862Sandwich, Kent I2451
2 BRETT, Albert Walter  2 Jul 1882Sandwich, Kent I3778
3 BRETT, Ellen Maud  6 Jun 1886Sandwich, Kent I3775
4 BRETT, May Clara  3 Jul 1887Sandwich, Kent I3777


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 TROWARD, John  1750Sandwich, Kent I3699


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BRETT, Albert Henry  31 Jul 1881Sandwich, Kent I3779


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 BRETT, Albert Henry  1914Sandwich, Kent I3760
2 BRETT, Albert James  1891Sandwich, Kent I2451
3 BRETT, Albert James  1901Sandwich, Kent I2451
4 BRETT, Albert James  1911Sandwich, Kent I2451
5 CHURCH, Susannah  1851Sandwich, Kent I0640
6 CLARKE, Henry  1871Sandwich, Kent I3805
7 CORNEY, Ann  1911Sandwich, Kent I0347
8 ELLENDER, Alfred Sampson  1911Sandwich, Kent I0195
9 FRENCH, Herbert  1871Sandwich, Kent I0393
10 GILDER, Horace  1851Sandwich, Kent I0155
11 MANTLE, Lily Frances  1911Sandwich, Kent I0042
12 MANTLE, Stephen  1871Sandwich, Kent I0095
13 MANTLE, Stephen  1881Sandwich, Kent I0095
14 MANTLE, Walter William  1901Sandwich, Kent I0075
15 MANTLE, Walter William  1911Sandwich, Kent I0075
16 MANTLE, Winifred May  1911Sandwich, Kent I0079
17 NAZER, Albert  1881-1891Sandwich, Kent I3737
18 NAZER, Albert  1901Sandwich, Kent I3737
19 STOKES, Mary Ann  1911Sandwich, Kent I0196
20 TAYLOR, Horace  1939Sandwich, Kent I0085
21 TAYLOR, Horace Gilder  1915Sandwich, Kent I0080
22 TAYLOR, Sydney  1901Sandwich, Kent I0041


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 MANTLE / FRENCH  1891Sandwich, Kent F0043