Chelsea, London



Latitude: 51.4850930, Longitude: -0.1749360


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BOWES-LYON, Claude George  1855Chelsea, London I10034
2 BOWES-LYON, Ernest  1858Chelsea, London I10036
3 BOWES-LYON, Francis  1856Chelsea, London I10035
4 BURCHELL, Jane Martha  1840Chelsea, London I4486
5 COLE, Albert  1893Chelsea, London I4478
6 COLE, Alice Dorothy  1892Chelsea, London I4477
7 COLE, Annie  1859Chelsea, London I4492
8 COLE, Aubyn Arthur  1903Chelsea, London I4481
9 COLE, Charles  1887Chelsea, London I4476
10 COLE, Doris   I4522
11 COLE, Edward  1895Chelsea, London I4479
12 COLE, Florence A   I4524
13 COLE, Francis  1900Chelsea, London I4480
14 COLE, Frederick  1877Chelsea, London I4494
15 COLE, George W  1910Chelsea, London I4483
16 COLE, Jasper  1865Chelsea, London I4496
17 COLE, John  1871Chelsea, London I4493
18 COLE, Joseph Frederick  1881Chelsea, London I3844
19 COLE, Joseph James  1862Chelsea, London I4472
20 COLE, Joseph John Thomas  16 Dec 1908Chelsea, London I4482
21 COLE, Kathleen Ivy  7 Oct 1918Chelsea, London I3840
22 COLE, Louise Gertude   I4523
23 COLE, Marion Jane  1890Chelsea, London I4484
24 COLE, Marion M  1860Chelsea, London I4499
25 COLE, Richard   I4520
26 COLE, Thomas  1846Chelsea, London I4601
27 COLE, William   I4521
28 FITZJOHN, Grace  1884Chelsea, London I0342
29 HAYES, Elizabeth  1843Chelsea, London I5918
30 HAYES, George Francis  1842Chelsea, London I5909
31 HOLLIMAN, Hannah Sophia  3 Mar 1863Chelsea, London I10868
32 HOLLOWAY, Caryl A   I6768
33 HOLLOWAY, Leonard Sydney  20 Apr 1915Chelsea, London I6764
34 HOLLOWAY, Susan M   I6770
35 KITSON, Edmund Lambourne  18 Sep 1889Chelsea, London I10352
36 KITSON, Eleanor Emily  1891Chelsea, London I10353
37 KITSON, Janet Harriet  1895Chelsea, London I10355
38 KITSON, Janet Kate  1892Chelsea, London I10354
39 MARTIN, Mary Ann PRATT  1847Chelsea, London I5910
40 MEPSTED, Arthur Ernest  1888Chelsea, London I4525
41 MEPSTED, Arthur Ernest  1910Chelsea, London I4526
42 SMITH, Algernon Lindsay Eric  1 Oct 1892Chelsea, London I10215
43 STEWART, Kathleen  1875Chelsea, London I10209
44 STREATFIELD, Violet  1856Chelsea, London I10062
45 STYLES, Annie  1887Chelsea, London I0875
46 STYLES, Bertha  1889Chelsea, London I0876
47 STYLES, Frederick  1882Chelsea, London I0874
48 STYLES, James Lucas  1879Chelsea, London I0873
49 SUMMERS, Emma  1850Chelsea, London I0870
50 SUMMERS, Jane Ruth  1865Chelsea, London I1546

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BEEDIE, William Addison  1967Chelsea, London I6774
2 BERRITT, Albert Stanley  1966Chelsea, London I7507
3 COLE, Joseph Frederick  1959Chelsea, London I3844
4 FLACK, Elizabeth Sally Townsend  1861Chelsea, London I4261
5 HOLLOWAY, Sydney Leonard  1958Chelsea, London I6762
6 KITSON, Janet Harriet  1896Chelsea, London I10355
7 KITSON, Janet Kate  1893Chelsea, London I10354
8 LUCAS, Jane  1895Chelsea, London I1538
9 SMITH, Gertrude Mary  29 Nov 1931Chelsea, London I10185
10 SUMMERS, James  1897Chelsea, London I1537
11 SUMMERS, Jane Ruth  1895Chelsea, London I1546
12 WALL, Mary Ann Margaret  1896Chelsea, London I4501


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
2 HAMMOND / REYNOLDS  1924Chelsea, London F1896