Dedham, Essex



Latitude: 51.9589020, Longitude: 0.9934570


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DOUBLE, Harriet  1847Dedham, Essex I2607
2 DOUBLE, Sarah  1844Dedham, Essex I2598
3 DOUBLE, Thomas  1851Dedham, Essex I2609
4 DOUBLE, William  1849Dedham, Essex I2608
5 HUBBARD, Sarah A  1845Dedham, Essex I2644
6 RUDGE, Edward  1835Dedham, Essex I2650
7 USHER, Alice Maud  1882Dedham, Essex I2649
8 USHER, Amy G  1879Dedham, Essex I2600
9 USHER, Benjamin   I1681
10 USHER, Charles William   I2602
11 USHER, Daniel  1796Dedham, Essex I0975
12 USHER, Daniel  1826Dedham, Essex I0977
13 USHER, Edith L  1881Dedham, Essex I2601
14 USHER, Harriet  1822Dedham, Essex I0315
15 USHER, Harriet P  1875Dedham, Essex I2604
16 USHER, Henry  1856Dedham, Essex I1683
17 USHER, Jane A  1867Dedham, Essex I2645
18 USHER, Jane T  1887Dedham, Essex I2603
19 USHER, Mary  1835Dedham, Essex I1679
20 USHER, Rose L  1877Dedham, Essex I2599
21 USHER, William  1840Dedham, Essex I1680