Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire



Latitude: 54.487568969924524, Longitude: -1.2337172862342127


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 GHENT, Elizabeth  1806Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I0719
2 GHENT, Elizabeth  1839Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I0944
3 GHENT, George  1805Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I0832
4 GHENT, George  10 Jul 1846Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I1075
5 GHENT, Hannah  1849Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I0842
6 GHENT, John  1808Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I0833
7 GHENT, John  22 Dec 1841Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I0840
8 GHENT, Margaret  1851Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I0843
9 GHENT, Mary Anne  14 Feb 1838Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I0839
10 GHENT, Sarah  30 Jan 1844Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I0841
11 GHENT, Thomas  1812Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I0835
12 GHENT, William  1810Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I0834
13 HEATERT, John  1760Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I6040
14 HEATERT, William  1758Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I6039
15 SUGGETT, Francis  1852Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I0721
16 SUGGETT, George  1842Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I0945
17 SUGGETT, John  1850Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I0722
18 SUGGETT, Mary  1843Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I0946
19 SUGGETT, William  1839Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I0723
20 TROTTER, Ann  1777Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I3848
21 TROTTER, Hannah  1780Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I3849
22 TROTTER, Sarah  1769Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I3846
23 TROTTER, Sarah  1775Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I0570
24 TROTTER, William  1772Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I3847


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 GHENT, Elizabeth  14 Nov 1806Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I0719
2 GHENT, Elizabeth  16 Feb 1840Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I0944
3 GHENT, Francis  16 Oct 1814Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I0232
4 GHENT, George  16 Jun 1805Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I0832
5 GHENT, George  2 Aug 1846Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I1075
6 GHENT, Hannah  28 Jan 1849Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I0842
7 GHENT, John  4 Sep 1808Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I0833
8 GHENT, John  26 Dec 1841Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I0840
9 GHENT, Margaret  24 Aug 1851Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I0843
10 GHENT, Mary  7 Aug 1803Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I0831
11 GHENT, Mary Anne  25 Feb 1838Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I0839
12 GHENT, Sarah  25 Feb 1844Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I0841
13 GHENT, Thomas  13 Sep 1812Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I0835
14 GHENT, William  20 Dec 1810Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I0834
15 TROTTER, Ann  26 Oct 1777Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I3848
16 TROTTER, Hannah  24 Sep 1780Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I3849
17 TROTTER, Sarah  2 Jul 1769Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I3846
18 TROTTER, Sarah  30 Apr 1775Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I0570
19 TROTTER, William  12 Apr 1772Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I3847


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 HEATERT, Mary  1826Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I1877
2 TROTTER, John  1806Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I1876
3 WALLER, Margaret  1760Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I6030


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 HEATERT, John  28 Sep 1760Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I6040
2 HEATERT, William  2 Oct 1758Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire I6039


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 GHENT / TROTTER  23 Nov 1802Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire F0213
2 HEATERT / BOWLMAN  1757Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire F1687
3 SUGGETT / GHENT  29 Dec 1836Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire F0222
4 TROTTER / HEATERT  16 May 1761Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire F0558
5 TROTTER / WALLER  15 May 1759Seamer (near Stokesley), Yorkshire F1685