Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire



Latitude: 51.8786680, Longitude: -0.8356420


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 KEINCH, Ann  1815Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire I3313
2 KEINCH, Ann  1823Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire I3309
3 KEINCH, Annie  1841Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire I3329
4 KEINCH, Edwin  1841Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire I3304
5 KEINCH, Elizabeth  1816Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire I3312
6 KEINCH, Elizabeth  1839Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire I3300
7 KEINCH, Emma  1841Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire I3301
8 KEINCH, George Thorne  1837Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire I3319
9 KEINCH, John  1818Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire I3314
10 KEINCH, John  1821Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire I3308
11 KEINCH, John  1840Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire I3320
12 KEINCH, Joseph  1825Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire I3310
13 KEINCH, Joseph  1839Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire I3344
14 KEINCH, Mary  1811Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire I3307
15 KEINCH, Sarah Ann  1837Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire I3299
16 KEINCH, Thomas  1812Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire I3311
17 KEINCH, Thomas  1832Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire I3303
18 KEINCH, Thomas Bishop  1845Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire I3289
19 KEINCH, William  1809Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire I3297
20 KEINCH, William  1834Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire I3302
21 REEVES, Emma Maria  1861Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire I3191
22 REEVES, Frederick William  1850Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire I3174
23 REEVES, Martha Ruth  1860Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire I3178
24 REEVES, Mary Agnes  1854Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire I3175
25 REEVES, Sarah Ann  1858Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire I3177
26 REEVES, Walter James  1857Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire I3176
27 RICKARD, Emma  1831Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire I3173
28 RICKARD, John  1808Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire I3166
29 RICKARD, Mary Ann  1802Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire I3164
30 RICKARD, Phillis  1810Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire I3167
31 RIDGWAY, Emma H  1881Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire I3180
32 RIDGWAY, George  1855Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire I3179
33 WARD, William A  1896Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire I3181


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 KEINCH, Ann  1815Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire I3313
2 KEINCH, John  1820Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire I3314


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Adopted    Person ID 
1 WARD, William A  Bef 1901Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire I3181


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 CLARIDGE, John  1841Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire I3316
2 KEINCH, William  1841Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire I3297
3 RICKARD, Mary Ann  1840Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire I3164


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 KEINCH / BISHOP  13 Feb 1832Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire F0959