Worth, Sussex



Latitude: 51.1122100, Longitude: -0.1447740


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ARNOLD, Agnes  1873Worth, Sussex I1469
2 ARNOLD, Albert Edward  1880Worth, Sussex I1471
3 ARNOLD, Edward  1816Worth, Sussex I1436
4 ARNOLD, Edward  1848Worth, Sussex I1442
5 ARNOLD, Edwin  1845Worth, Sussex I1440
6 ARNOLD, Edwin H  1878Worth, Sussex I1470
7 ARNOLD, Ernest G  1881Worth, Sussex I1472
8 ARNOLD, Fanny  1843Worth, Sussex I1441
9 ARNOLD, George  1855Worth, Sussex I1446
10 ARNOLD, Lucy Ann  1876Worth, Sussex I1452
11 ARNOLD, Martha  1839Worth, Sussex I1438
12 ARNOLD, Mary Ann  1844Worth, Sussex I0495
13 ARNOLD, Walter  1850Worth, Sussex I1443
14 ARNOLD, William John  1841Worth, Sussex I1439
15 CHILD, George William  1869Worth, Sussex I1052
16 GORING, Elizabeth  1857Worth, Sussex I1676
17 GORING, Emma  1860Worth, Sussex I1678
18 GORING, John  1831Worth, Sussex I1675
19 GORING, William H  1858Worth, Sussex I1677
20 TASKER, Emma  1838Worth, Sussex I0507
21 TASKER, Fanny  1878Worth, Sussex I0986
22 TASKER, Frederick  1867Worth, Sussex I0983
23 TASKER, William  1841Worth, Sussex I1408
24 TASKER, William G  1865Worth, Sussex I0982
25 TINGLEY, Edward  1828Worth, Sussex I1463
26 TINGLEY, Fanny Elizabeth  1862Worth, Sussex I1457
27 TINGLEY, George  1864Worth, Sussex I1458
28 TINGLEY, John  1825Worth, Sussex I1455
29 UNKNOWN, Mary A  1851Worth, Sussex I1468
30 WILLIAMS, Hannah  1804Worth, Sussex I0987