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201 Served with brother John Ghent in New Zealand Field Artillery. On the New Zealand Service Records, Thomas and John show their Next of Kin as Frank Ghent, 12 Neale Terrace, Hook Road, Epsom, Surrey, England. GHENT, Thomas (I0980)
202 Served with the 3rd Bn East Surrey Regiment in France during WW1, where he was killed in action. STRUTTON, Edward (I2751)
203 Settlement papers were written up on 07 Jun 1850 in Hackney, Middlesex. See, London, England, Selected Poor Law Removal and Settlement Records, 1698-1930, although her forename is given as Susan. GREEN, Susannah (I6934)
204 Some documents show Peggy as Margaret - Peggy sometimes being a short form of Magaret. IRVING, Peggy Grace (I3371)
205 Sometime between 1901 and 1911 William added his stepfather's surname to his own to make William James Weeks-Pearson. Census returns show his children as Weeks-Pearson also. WEEKS-PEARSON, William James (I3087)
206 Sometime between 1918 and 1942 Phillip changed the spelling of his surname to Mantell. MANTLE, Phillip Richard Charles (I3805)
207 Source IGI C067923 and M067923. PURDY, George (I1266)
208 SPECULATION! Possible father of Maud Gower PRIDGEON. An Edward GOWER bn 1884 Islington serving as a Private in the Queen's Own Hussars in 1911. See Census where he is stationed at Brentford and shown as single. KNOWN, Not (I7126)
209 Suicide from a pistol shot to the head, GILDER, Archibald Lorenzo Sherrington (I3985)
210 Surname on some documents show as Bunn. HONEYBUNN, Elizabeth (I8577)
211 The 1841 Census shows James's assumed wife as Mary? MALTHOUSE, James (I8246)
212 The 1861 Census shows Edward as a lodger with William Hone BOOT. BOOT, Edward (I4939)
213 The 1861 Census shows Jane visiting William Hone BOOT. CORNS, Jane Ann (I4930)
214 The 1881 Census designates Charlotte as a dwarf. WHITE, Charlotte Augusta (I403)
215 The 1881 Census, showing Elizabeth as Married, does not include her husband James Bouler.  SYRES, Elizabeth Ann (I9257)
216 The 1891 Census shows Caroline's name initial as M. Presumably a mistake by the enumerator. STRINGER, Caroline Sarah (I5070)
217 The 1911 Census Return was signed by Alfred Lee of 29, Eastern Street, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. BRION, Alfred Richard (I543)
218 The 1911 Census shows Emily as Married but Separated from Frank. HAWKES, Emily Catherine (I10343)
219 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. SEYMOUR, Emily Louise (I3845)
220 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. RUMBLE, Frank (I2303)
221 The 1911 Census shows that John & Mary had 16 children by 1911 of which 11 had survived. FORD, John (I8640)
222 The 1911 Census Shows William and Beatrice living with Thomas and Elizabeth, as son and daughter. However they are actually nephew and niece. Their parents were Samuel John and Kate Jefford who had both died in 1901. JEFFORD, Thomas (I7579)
223 The 1911 Census, suggests that Ernest and Kate did not have any children. VASS, Ernest George (I5058)
224 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. HEBDEN, Edith Ethel (I9340)
225 The 1939 Register shows 6 children of which 4 are redacted. KILLINGBACK, Frank (I7566)
226 The 1939 Register shows Nellie as "None Detained Under Mental Deficiency" GREEN, Nellie Bertha (I5160)
227 The 1939 Register shows Rose with her children Albert, Rose and Peggy (Margaret), with an additional 3 chidren redacted. CLEMENTS, Rose Agnes (I2481)
228 The Bowes Lyon family descended from George Bowes of Gibside and Streatlam Castle (1701?1760), a County Durham landowner and politician, through John Bowes, 9th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne, chief of the Clan Lyon. Following the marriage in 1767 of the 9th Earl (John Lyon) to rich heiress Mary Eleanor Bowes, the family name was changed to Bowes by Act of Parliament. The 10th Earl changed the name to Lyon-Bowes and the 13th Earl, Claude, changed the order to Bowes Lyon. BOWES-LYON, Earl. Claude George (I10033)
229 The Census for 1871 shows John living with his grandmother, Mary Ghent.
The Census for 1881 and 1891 show John living with his uncle, Thomas Mann. 
GHENT, John (I4894)
230 The father of Fanny Irvings children is unknown.  UNKNOWN, Unknown (I1161)
231 The GRO Death Index for Richard shows his surname as ELMORE. ELMER, Richard (I8018)
232 The GRO index shows Gerorge's mothers's maiden name as RUMBOLD. GREGSON, George (I7478)
233 The GRO index shows John's mothers's maiden name as RUMBOLD. GREGSON, John George (I7476)
234 The GRO index shows Mary's mother's maiden name as RUMBOLD. GREGSON, Mary Jane (I7324)
235 The GRO index shows Sarah's surname as GRIGSON. GREGSON, Sarah (I7473)
236 The History of South African Rugby-published on the website.
The Reverend George Ogilvie ('Gog'), is credited with introducing football to South Africa, following his appointment as Headmaster of the Diocesan College at Rondenbosch, near Cape Town in 1861 and remained until 1885. Actually, the game he taught was the Winchester football variety, a game he had learned at his former ‘alma mater’, the well-known Hampshire school, Winchester College, Hampshire England. Soon, the young gentlemen of Cape Town joined in and the local press reported a series of football matches between scratch sides conveniently named ‘Town v Suburbs’, Civil servants v All comers or ‘Home v Colonial-born’ etc. etc. but the first game took place on 21st August 1862 between the Army and the Civil service.

Published on the Bishops Diocesan College website.
There is also a myth that Canon Ogilvie brought rugby to South Africa. In fact he detested the game and did not want Bishops to play it. What he brought to South Africa in 1861 was a form of football at a time when there was no game called soccer and rugby football was played only at Rugby School. Canon Ogilvie's game was based on what was played at his old school, Winchester College in Hampshire. George Ogilvie was a remarkable personality. His nickname was Gog and the game played at the Cape was often referred to as Gog's Game or Gogball. Bishops got the Cape playing football of this kind, starting with the South African College.

The Form of Information of a Death for George shows him being married at the time of his Death. 
OGILVIE, Rev George (I7686)
237 The Marriage Index shows his name as Alec John Burton. Family F306
238 The Newcastle Journal, dated Wed 07th November 1866 reported George's death as follows:
FATAL RAILWAY ACCIDENT.-An inquest was held last evening at the Durham Ox Inn, Cattle Market, before Mr. Hoyle, coroner, on the body of George William Ghent, sixteen years of age, who resided at Broomhill, near Ebchester, and who died at the Infirmary, on Monday, from injuries received on Saturday. Deceased was employed on the Derwent and Conside Railway, in course of construction; and on Saturday, whilst "braking" some waggons near Blaydon, he slipped his foot and fell upon the rails, and the wheels of one of the waggons passed over his legs, inflicting the injuies which resulted in his death on Monday. The jury returned a verdict of "Accidentally killed." 
GHENT, George William (I0837)
239 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. SONGER, Florence Maud (I8391)
240 The transcription for Hannah's Baptism shows her name as Anna. BENTLEY, Hannah (I1372)
241 The Victoria passenger lists only show Thomas, his wife Mary and 2 daughters Ann and Esther. What happened to Mary and Lucy? ROSE, Thomas (I6021)
242 Thomas is twinned with Catherine MASKELL, Thomas (I4702)
243 Tony has a twin brother Peter R Brabon. BRABON, Tony Frank (I0033)
244 Took her own life. GHENT, Lillian Prudence (I0220)
245 Twin with Peter MASKELL, Trayton (I4297)
246 Twin with Trayton MASKELL, Peter (I4314)
247 Vicar of Eastry-cum-Word. HARVEY, Rev. R (I7426)
248 Warden of Sir John Boys hospital. OWER, Edward (I7468)
249 When Alice Hunns married Richard Paterson she was a widow. HUNNS, Alice (I2681)
250 When George married Rebecca he is shown as a widower aged 47. There is no trace of a George Henry HAGGIS on the GRO birth indexes between 1844 and 1862. HAGGIS, George Henry (I6854)

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