Chenies, Buckinghamshire



Latitude: 51.6739630, Longitude: -0.5314050


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 HESTER, Ann  1816Chenies, Buckinghamshire I1558
2 HESTER, Charles  1796Chenies, Buckinghamshire I1559
3 HESTER, Charles  1864Chenies, Buckinghamshire I1568
4 HESTER, Emily  1867Chenies, Buckinghamshire I1569
5 HESTER, James  1830Chenies, Buckinghamshire I1564
6 HESTER, James  1871Chenies, Buckinghamshire I1571
7 HESTER, Rosa  1869Chenies, Buckinghamshire I1570
8 HESTER, William  1856Chenies, Buckinghamshire I1567
9 STYLES, Daisy V  1901Chenies, Buckinghamshire I0886
10 STYLES, Daniel  1847Chenies, Buckinghamshire I0867
11 STYLES, David  1862Chenies, Buckinghamshire I0869
12 STYLES, Elizabeth  1835Chenies, Buckinghamshire I0089
13 STYLES, Elizabeth  1880Chenies, Buckinghamshire I0879
14 STYLES, Fanny  1860Chenies, Buckinghamshire I0862
15 STYLES, Frederick  1849Chenies, Buckinghamshire I0863
16 STYLES, Frederick  1882Chenies, Buckinghamshire I0880
17 STYLES, George  1818Chenies, Buckinghamshire I0860
18 STYLES, George  1878Chenies, Buckinghamshire I0878
19 STYLES, Henry  1886Chenies, Buckinghamshire I0882
20 STYLES, James  1844Chenies, Buckinghamshire I1518
21 STYLES, Jesse  1852Chenies, Buckinghamshire I0864
22 STYLES, Letitia  1838Chenies, Buckinghamshire I0794
23 STYLES, Levi  1821Chenies, Buckinghamshire I1557
24 STYLES, Levi  1841Chenies, Buckinghamshire I1520
25 STYLES, Lizzie  1859Chenies, Buckinghamshire I0865
26 STYLES, Mary  1827Chenies, Buckinghamshire I0793
27 STYLES, Mary   I0883
28 STYLES, Phoebe  1830Chenies, Buckinghamshire I0795
29 STYLES, Phoebe  1884Chenies, Buckinghamshire I0881
30 STYLES, Sarah A  1890Chenies, Buckinghamshire I0885
31 STYLES, Sidney  1857Chenies, Buckinghamshire I0866
32 STYLES, Stephen  1833Chenies, Buckinghamshire I0796
33 STYLES, William  1812Chenies, Buckinghamshire I0956
34 STYLES, William  1846Chenies, Buckinghamshire I1521
35 STYLES, William  1893Chenies, Buckinghamshire I0884
36 UNKNOWN, Sarah  1791Chenies, Buckinghamshire I1506
37 UNKNOWN, Sophia  1791Chenies, Buckinghamshire I1560
38 WARRELL, Daniel  1782Chenies, Buckinghamshire I1500
39 WARRELL, Emma  1821Chenies, Buckinghamshire I0957
40 WARRELL, George  1831Chenies, Buckinghamshire I1505
41 WARRELL, James  1819Chenies, Buckinghamshire I1534
42 WARRELL, Jane  1826Chenies, Buckinghamshire I1535
43 WARRELL, Louisa  1828Chenies, Buckinghamshire I1507
44 WARRELL, Maria  1824Chenies, Buckinghamshire I1533
45 WARRELL, William  1815Chenies, Buckinghamshire I1536


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BROWN, Sarah Ann  7 May 1939Chenies, Buckinghamshire I0877
2 GODWIN, Eliza  17 Feb 1906Chenies, Buckinghamshire I0861
3 STYLES, Frederick  17 Feb 1919Chenies, Buckinghamshire I0863
4 STYLES, George  12 Feb 1892Chenies, Buckinghamshire I0860
5 STYLES, Mary   I0883
6 STYLES, Phoebe  31 Oct 1918Chenies, Buckinghamshire I0881


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 STYLES, James  28 Jun 1869Chenies, Buckinghamshire I0154


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 STYLES / HESTER  24 Dec 1842Chenies, Buckinghamshire F0470
2 STYLES / PLUMBERIDGE  25 Jul 1813Chenies, Buckinghamshire F0057
3 STYLES / WARRELL  23 May 1840Chenies, Buckinghamshire F0265