Gravesend, Kent



Latitude: 51.4418840, Longitude: 0.3707590


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDREWS, Elizabeth Mary  1856Gravesend, Kent I1063
2 COUVES, Albert H  1876Gravesend, Kent I0434
3 COUVES, Annie Louise  1873Gravesend, Kent I0433
4 COUVES, Arthur F  1857Gravesend, Kent I0426
5 COUVES, Augustus Benjamin  1869Gravesend, Kent I0431
6 COUVES, Augustus Cecil  26 Jul 1835Gravesend, Kent I0440
7 COUVES, Augustus Jesse Arthur  1805Gravesend, Kent I0438
8 COUVES, Cecilia Fanny  1866Gravesend, Kent I0429
9 COUVES, Charles  1769Gravesend, Kent I0470
10 COUVES, Charles T  1872Gravesend, Kent I0432
11 COUVES, Edward James  16 Jul 1860Gravesend, Kent I0305
12 COUVES, Ellen Florence Louisa  1873Gravesend, Kent I0452
13 COUVES, Emma Jane  1859Gravesend, Kent I0427
14 COUVES, Jane Maria  1863Gravesend, Kent I0428
15 COUVES, John Richard Cecil  1860Gravesend, Kent I0443
16 COUVES, Mary Ann  1868Gravesend, Kent I0430
17 COUVES, Richard Augustus  1874Gravesend, Kent I0453
18 COUVES, Richard Thomas  1850Gravesend, Kent I0441
19 COUVES, William Charles  1833Gravesend, Kent I0423
20 DARTNELL, Alfred George  1848Gravesend, Kent I1695
21 RICHARDS, Emily Louisa  15 Aug 1852Gravesend, Kent I0445
22 STYLES, Eliza  1875Gravesend, Kent I0871
23 TUMBER, Letitia Charlotte Augusta  1767Gravesend, Kent I0471
24 UNKNOWN, Ann M  1805Gravesend, Kent I1698


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 COUVES, Augustus Jesse Arthur  1885Gravesend, Kent I0438
2 COUVES, Emma Jane  1881Gravesend, Kent I0427
3 TUMBER, Letitia Charlotte Augusta  1840Gravesend, Kent I0471
4 WATSON, Richard  1877Gravesend, Kent I1697


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 COUVES / TUMBER  31 Dec 1792Gravesend, Kent F0168
2 DARTNELL / COUVES  1896Gravesend, Kent F0157
3 DARTNELL / WATSON  1869Gravesend, Kent F0482