Marylebone, London



Latitude: 51.5188746, Longitude: -0.1498955


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AINSWORTH, George Robert  1870Marylebone, London I2881
2 AINSWORTH, Thomas Byron  1892Marylebone, London I3300
3 AINSWORTH, William James  1845Marylebone, London I2883
4 AINSWORTH, William S M  1867Marylebone, London I2887
5 BARBER, Lucy Ann  1832Marylebone, London I2726
6 BARRATT, Elizabeth Mary Ann  1861Marylebone, London I5904
7 BLOWS, Leonard  1889Marylebone, London I0973
8 BLOWS, Louise Elizabeth  1876Marylebone, London I0967
9 BLOWS, Oscar  1888Marylebone, London I0972
10 DUFRENE, Louisa Juliette  19 Aug 1909Marylebone, London I2276
11 FITZJOHN, Alice  1893Marylebone, London I0323
12 FITZJOHN, Ethel  1891Marylebone, London I0324
13 HARROW, Clarence George  1872Marylebone, London I6885
14 HAYNES, George Edward  1841Marylebone, London I0581
15 LAMBERT, Emily Elizabeth  1856Marylebone, London I0341
16 MAYCOCK, Hannah  1858Marylebone, London I0345
17 NAYLER, Harriet Emily  1845Marylebone, London I4338
18 NEAT, Martha  1829Marylebone, London I1062
19 NISBETT, Charles William  1818Marylebone, London I7773
20 PEET, Edmund F  1866Marylebone, London I1060
21 PEET, Elizabeth  1854Marylebone, London I0966
22 PEET, Henry  1823Marylebone, London I1061
23 PEET, Henry James  1856Marylebone, London I1059
24 PEET, Nellie E  1883Marylebone, London I3917
25 ROBINSON, Christina  1869Marylebone, London I1827
26 ROBINSON, Elizabeth  1860Marylebone, London I1826
27 SLATER, Mary Ann  1861Marylebone, London I0308
28 SMITH, Catherine   I5799
29 SMITH, Eliza  1849Marylebone, London I1783
30 SMITH, Emma  1857Marylebone, London I5800
31 SMITH, Harriet  1846Marylebone, London I5796
32 SMITH, James  1851Marylebone, London I5798
33 SMITH, Margaret  1848Marylebone, London I5797
34 STANDISH, Alice Mary  1858Marylebone, London I1183
35 TAYLOR, Sophia  1787Marylebone, London I7761
36 WALKER, Emma  1841Marylebone, London I5024
37 WILLIAMS, Elizabeth J N  1861Marylebone, London I4341


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BEARD, Albert Henry  1956Marylebone, London I1769
2 BRADLEY, Rosina  14 Dec 1948Marylebone, London I1768
3 COVINGTON, Emily  1864Marylebone, London I10004
4 FLACK, Frederick Thomas  1850Marylebone, London I3964
5 FOSTER, Caroline  1860Marylebone, London I2727
6 SCHOFIELD, Charles  1876Marylebone, London I0231
7 SEYMOUR, Emily Louise  Feb 1944Marylebone, London I3576


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 COLE, Thomas Edward  1871Marylebone, London I4396
2 GOOD, Eliza Ann  1861Marylebone, London I3000
3 GOOD, Frederick James  1861-1868Marylebone, London I3307
4 GOOD, Henry William  1881Marylebone, London I0046
5 GOOD, Henry William  1881Marylebone, London I0046
6 GOOD, William Francis  1841Marylebone, London I2998
7 GOOD, William Francis  1851Marylebone, London I2998
8 GOOD, William Francis  Between 1861 and 1871Marylebone, London I2998
9 NAYLER, Robert Covington  1861Marylebone, London I3276
10 PIPER, Ann  1857Marylebone, London I3311


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BLAKE / GILDER  1892Marylebone, London F2228
2 BLOWS / PEET  1876Marylebone, London F0258
3 COUVES / EATON  1881Marylebone, London F0070
4 FLACK / PIPER  10 Feb 1818Marylebone, London F0996
5 GILDER / TREDCROFT  21 May 1821Marylebone, London F2252
6 HAYNES / SALMONS  1867Marylebone, London F0305
7 MAYCOCK / BARBER  15 Jun 1863Marylebone, London F0766
8 PEET / NEAT  1851Marylebone, London F0296
9 PEET / PEARCE  1899Marylebone, London F0302
10 ROBINSON / JACQUES  1924Marylebone, London F2250
11 STYLES / LE DEE  1869Marylebone, London F0438
12 YEARLEY / HAMMONT  20 Nov 1852Marylebone, London F0651