Staple, Kent



Latitude: 51.2640360, Longitude: 1.2560240


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ELLENDER, Aaron  1841Staple, Kent I2156
2 ELLENDER, Alfred  1848Staple, Kent I2162
3 ELLENDER, Emma  1850Staple, Kent I2163
4 ELLENDER, Jane  1840Staple, Kent I2160
5 ELLENDER, Moses  1839Staple, Kent I2155
6 ELLENDER, William  1844Staple, Kent I2161
7 MARSH, Mary  30 Mar 1800Staple, Kent I0359
8 SIMMONS, Alfred Charles  1843Staple, Kent I0629
9 SIMMONS, Alfred Charles  1864Staple, Kent I0808
10 SIMMONS, Charles W  1852Staple, Kent I0631
11 SIMMONS, Eliza A  1856Staple, Kent I0633
12 SIMMONS, Ellen  1833Staple, Kent I0626
13 SIMMONS, Ellen  1862Staple, Kent I0809
14 SIMMONS, Fanny  1866Staple, Kent I0810
15 SIMMONS, Frank  1835Staple, Kent I0627
16 SIMMONS, Frank  1869Staple, Kent I0811
17 SIMMONS, George  1838Staple, Kent I0628
18 SIMMONS, John  1849Staple, Kent I0630
19 SIMMONS, Jordan  1841Staple, Kent I0616
20 SIMMONS, Thomas E  1854Staple, Kent I0632
21 STRINGER, Rose A  1860Staple, Kent I1983
22 STRINGER, William  1852Staple, Kent I1982