Deptford, London



Latitude: 51.4815584, Longitude: -0.0264139


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDREW, Albert V  1902Deptford, London I1884
2 ANDREW, Reginald W  1904Deptford, London I1885
3 ANDREW, William F  1899Deptford, London I1883
4 BRABEN, George  1841Deptford, London I1601
5 BRABEN, John  1796Deptford, London I1910
6 EVANS, Mary  1795Deptford, London I1919
7 GHENT, Ernest James  27 Nov 1890Deptford, London I0221
8 GHENT, George  1894Deptford, London I3674
9 GHENT, Gertrude Alice  1898Deptford, London I0224
10 GHENT, Gladys Emily  17 Mar 1892Deptford, London I1635
11 GHENT, Lillian Prudence  1888Deptford, London I0220
12 GHENT, Pansy Violet Daisy  1894Deptford, London I1633
13 GHENT, Sydney Cecil  29 Sep 1892Deptford, London I0222
14 GHENT, William Arthur Walter  1889Deptford, London I1632
15 GHENT, William Frederick  Jun 1896Deptford, London I0223
16 GHENT, Winifred Frances  1906Deptford, London I2801
17 GODFREY, Alice Esther  15 Dec 1861Deptford, London I3246
18 GRAVETT, Alice  1869Deptford, London I0577
19 HAYNES, Ann Alice Eliza  1837Deptford, London I0580
20 HAYNES, Ethel Maud  1887Deptford, London I0151
21 HAYNES, George  1811Deptford, London I0578
22 HAYNES, Gertrude Jane  18 May 1889Deptford, London I0152
23 HAYNES, James Arthur  1892Deptford, London I0171
24 MALTHOUSE, Charles James   I3856
25 MALTHOUSE, Sydney   I3854
26 PUGH, Catherine  1821Deptford, London I1934
27 PUGH, James  Abt 1766Deptford, London I1915
28 PUGH, James  1797Deptford, London I1918
29 SCHULMANN, Queenie Victoria  1905Deptford, London I1893


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ANDREW, Joseph George  1951Deptford, London I0599
2 GHENT, Gladys Emily  10 Sep 1892Deptford, London I1635
3 GHENT, Pansy Violet Daisy  9 Nov 1894Deptford, London I1633
4 GHENT, William  1947Deptford, London I0219
5 GHENT, William Arthur Walter  25 Dec 1889Deptford, London I1632


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