Newton Abbot, Devon



Latitude: 50.5289050, Longitude: -3.6083600


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDREWS, William Francis John  1908Newton Abbot, Devon I8662
2 BUTLER, June Edith Mary   I7028
3 FORD, Dorothy Daisy  1888Newton Abbot, Devon I8654
4 FORD, Dorothy Ruby  1896Newton Abbot, Devon I8656
5 FORD, Eva Lily  1879Newton Abbot, Devon I8653
6 FORD, George  1878Newton Abbot, Devon I8652
7 FORD, Harry Sidney John  1909Newton Abbot, Devon I8711
8 FORD, Mary Louisa  1920Newton Abbot, Devon I7026
9 FORD, Pansy Pearl  1899Newton Abbot, Devon I8655
10 FORD, Ralph Harold  18 Oct 1893Newton Abbot, Devon I8639
11 FROST, Albert Victor  3 Jun 1890Newton Abbot, Devon I8698
12 FROST, Betty Joyce  16 Oct 1916Newton Abbot, Devon I8706
13 FROST, Elsie A M  1894Newton Abbot, Devon I8703
14 FROST, Francis John Joffre  15 Dec 1914Newton Abbot, Devon I8704
15 FROST, Frederick G  1892Newton Abbot, Devon I8702
16 FROST, Thomas W  1889Newton Abbot, Devon I8701
17 FROST, William F  1865Newton Abbot, Devon I8699
18 HUTCHINGS, William John Ford  1909Newton Abbot, Devon I8682
19 WILLIAMS, Albert  1876Newton Abbot, Devon I8676
20 WILLIAMS, Caroline  1870Newton Abbot, Devon I8673
21 WILLIAMS, Ethel  1888Newton Abbot, Devon I8679
22 WILLIAMS, Frank  1885Newton Abbot, Devon I8678
23 WILLIAMS, John O  1869Newton Abbot, Devon I8672
24 WILLIAMS, Margaret Eva  1880Newton Abbot, Devon I8669
25 WILLIAMS, Selina  1874Newton Abbot, Devon I8675
26 WILLIAMS, Sydney  1878Newton Abbot, Devon I8677
27 WILLIAMS, Walter  1872Newton Abbot, Devon I8674
28 WOOD, Doreen Lilian   I1621


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BUTLER, Henry Percival  1979Newton Abbot, Devon I7022
2 FORD, Dorothy Daisy  1889Newton Abbot, Devon I8654
3 FORD, Dorothy Ruby  1897Newton Abbot, Devon I8656
4 FORD, Eva Lily  1880Newton Abbot, Devon I8653
5 FORD, George  1878Newton Abbot, Devon I8652
6 FORD, Harry Sidney John  1910Newton Abbot, Devon I8711
7 FORD, Lilian  1964Newton Abbot, Devon I8642
8 FORD, Minnie Lucina  1953Newton Abbot, Devon I8647
9 FORD, Pansy Pearl  1899Newton Abbot, Devon I8655
10 FORD, Ralph Harold  1966Newton Abbot, Devon I8639
11 FORD, Rose Mary  1926Newton Abbot, Devon I8648
12 LANG, Edith Louisa   I8638


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ANDREWS / FORD  1906Newton Abbot, Devon F2424
2 ASH / WEST  1878Newton Abbot, Devon F0881
3 BUTLER / FORD  1943Newton Abbot, Devon F1962
4 CHUDLEIGH / BALLAMY  1894Newton Abbot, Devon F1086
5 COYLE / FORD  1908Newton Abbot, Devon F2421
6 FORD / WAY  1874Newton Abbot, Devon F2420
7 FORD / WILLIAMS  1904Newton Abbot, Devon F2427
8 FROST / FORD  1913Newton Abbot, Devon F2433
9 GHENT / WOOD   F0487
10 HORTOP / CHUDLEIGH  1927Newton Abbot, Devon F1087
11 MORGAN / BUTLER   F1963
12 ROOKE / ASH   F0867
13 SNOW / POWE  1858Newton Abbot, Devon F0417
14 WILLIAMS / VENTON  1868Newton Abbot, Devon F2428
15 WOOD / CHUDLEIGH  1916Newton Abbot, Devon F1085
16 WOOD / HEWITT   F1084