St Pancras, London



Latitude: 51.529610712388965, Longitude: -0.13026952743530273


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AGLAND, Alfred  1859St Pancras, London I0212
2 AGLAND, Alice Annie  1861St Pancras, London I0138
3 AGLAND, Arthur Ernest  1866St Pancras, London I0214
4 AGLAND, Emma Ellen  1863St Pancras, London I0213
5 ATKINSON, Alice  1865St Pancras, London I3558
6 ATKINSON, William  1843St Pancras, London I3556
7 BARKER, Emily Susan  1851St Pancras, London I5955
8 BEARD, Alice Catherine  1879St Pancras, London I1787
9 BEARD, Edward  1846St Pancras, London I1782
10 BEARD, Edward James  17 Nov 1874St Pancras, London I1784
11 BEARD, Florence Jane  1 Mar 1876St Pancras, London I5780
12 BRADLEY, Charles William  1861St Pancras, London I0300
13 BUTCHER, Robert Joseph  1841St Pancras, London I3312
14 CLARKE, Daisy  1887St Pancras, London I3817
15 CLEMENTS, Rose Agnes  23 Mar 1902St Pancras, London I2471
16 FLACK, James  1829St Pancras, London I3316
17 GERHARD, Frederick John  1872St Pancras, London I5104
18 GERHARD, George Frederick  1844St Pancras, London I5102
19 GERHARD, Lucy Ann  1873St Pancras, London I5105
20 GOOD, Henry Francis  04 Nov 1842St Pancras, London I3486
21 GOOD, Mary Ann  15 Sep 1858St Pancras, London I3485
22 HARRIS, Arthur Albert Frederick  1897St Pancras, London I4343
23 HARRIS, Charles Ernest George  1899St Pancras, London I4344
24 HARRIS, Florence Maud Grace  1901St Pancras, London I4346
25 HARRIS, Frances M G  1900St Pancras, London I4345
26 HARRIS, Mary Emily Eliza  1896St Pancras, London I10010
27 HOUGHTON, Elizabeth  1818St Pancras, London I8538
28 HOUGHTON, Louisa  21 Jan 1827St Pancras, London I7752
29 LEAVER, Kitty  1897St Pancras, London I2394
30 LEWIS, William  1812St Pancras, London I1636
31 LODGE, James  1879St Pancras, London I1789
32 MILLINGTON, Alice  1845St Pancras, London I3548
33 MILLINGTON, Edward  1854St Pancras, London I3551
34 MILLINGTON, Edward  1876St Pancras, London I1858
35 MILLINGTON, Jane  1852St Pancras, London I3550
36 MILLINGTON, John  1846St Pancras, London I3549
37 MILLINGTON, Mark  1842St Pancras, London I3547
38 MILLINGTON, Robert  1879St Pancras, London I1859
39 MILLINGTON, William Robert  1873St Pancras, London I1857
40 NISBETT, Charles Joseph  22 Jan 1854St Pancras, London I7767
41 NISBETT, Elizabeth  30 Oct 1846St Pancras, London I7748
42 NISBETT, Frederick Arthur  12 Apr 1859St Pancras, London I7672
43 NISBETT, George F  1878St Pancras, London I7709
44 NISBETT, Henry Denton  1870St Pancras, London I7704
45 NISBETT, Henry George  31 Jul 1840St Pancras, London I7771
46 NISBETT, James Alfred  28 Nov 1844St Pancras, London I7775
47 NISBETT, James Richard  20 Nov 1853St Pancras, London I7680
48 NISBETT, Jane  29 Sep 1851St Pancras, London I7765
49 NISBETT, Louisa Keturah  4 Feb 1852St Pancras, London I7681
50 NISBETT, Margaret  17 Jun 1856St Pancras, London I7768

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 FLACK, David Henry  1850St Pancras, London I3310
2 HOUGHTON, John  1839St Pancras, London I7749
3 HOUGHTON, Louisa  1862St Pancras, London I7752
4 MILLINGTON, Henry George  1875St Pancras, London I3555
5 MILLINGTON, Robert  26 May 1856St Pancras, London I3545
6 MOCKFORD, George Frederick  1890St Pancras, London I3315
7 NISBETT, Henry George  1893St Pancras, London I7771
8 NISBETT, James  1858St Pancras, London I7753
9 PYBUS, Sarah  1862St Pancras, London I4310
10 SCOONS, Keturah  1869St Pancras, London I7770
11 TAYLOR, Sophia  1875St Pancras, London I7761
12 TEDDER, George  1934St Pancras, London I0241
13 WILSON, Edward Robertson  26 Aug 1877St Pancras, London I5921


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 BEARD, Edward  7 Sep 1846St Pancras, London I1782
2 BEARD, Jane  15 Apr 1838St Pancras, London I5788


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 ATKINSON, William  1871St Pancras, London I3556
2 FLACK, David Henry  1837St Pancras, London I3310
3 GOOD, William John  1861St Pancras, London I0589
4 HARDING, Elizabeth  1861St Pancras, London I3546
5 HARDING, Elizabeth  1871St Pancras, London I3546
6 IRVING, John Henry  1939St Pancras, London I2437
7 LE MARCHANT, Henry  1881St Pancras, London I1330
8 MARCHANT, Henry  1861St Pancras, London I1366
9 MILLINGTON, Alice  1861St Pancras, London I3548
10 MILLINGTON, Alice  1871St Pancras, London I3548
11 MILLINGTON, Edward  1871St Pancras, London I3551
12 MILLINGTON, Jane  1871St Pancras, London I3550
13 MILLINGTON, John  1861St Pancras, London I3549
14 MILLINGTON, John  1871St Pancras, London I3549
15 MILLINGTON, Mark  1871St Pancras, London I3547
16 MILLINGTON, Robert  1851St Pancras, London I3545
17 NAYLER, Robert Covington  1855St Pancras, London I3276
18 NAYLER, Robert Covington  1871St Pancras, London I3276
19 NAYLER, Robert Covington  1901St Pancras, London I3276
20 ROLLS, Ernest Thomas William  1904St Pancras, London I5905
21 SCHOLTES, John  1851St Pancras, London I3313
22 UNKNOWN, Mary Ann  1861St Pancras, London I3314


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 DONALDSON, John Bailey  1881St Pancras, London I2692
2 FLACK, David Henry  1837St Pancras, London I3310
3 FLACK, Eliza Ann  1837St Pancras, London I2999
4 HARRIS, Albert Arthur  1873St Pancras, London I3275
5 HARRIS, Albert Arthur  1901St Pancras, London I3275
6 IRVING, John Henry  1939St Pancras, London I2437
7 NAYLER, Robert Covington  1855St Pancras, London I3276
8 NAYLER, Robert Covington  1871St Pancras, London I3276
9 NAYLER, Robert Covington  1901St Pancras, London I3276
10 SCHOLTES, John  1851St Pancras, London I3313
11 UNKNOWN, Mary Ann  1861St Pancras, London I3314


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BARTLETT / TICKNER  1895St Pancras, London F1022
2 IRVING / BROWN  1897St Pancras, London F0670
3 MOCKFORD / SCHOLTES  06 Jun 1870St Pancras, London F0999
4 NISBETT / SIVERS  1896St Pancras, London F2652
5 WALFORD / CLARKE  29 Apr 1821St Pancras, London F1275
6 YEARLEY / HATFIELD  22 May 1843St Pancras, London F0523