Deal, Kent


Latitude: 51.2224910, Longitude: 1.4016610


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BRETT, John  11 Nov 1797Deal, Kent I11168
2 FAGG, Edmund H  1852Deal, Kent I2038
3 FAGG, Emily E  1851Deal, Kent I2037
4 FOSTER, Flora A  1858Deal, Kent I9030
5 HARRIS, John Reynolds  1804Deal, Kent I4079
6 HARRIS, Rebecca Mount  1837Deal, Kent I2459
7 HUBBARD, Eliza Jane  1790Deal, Kent I8983
8 JEFFORD, Amy H  1891Deal, Kent I9927
9 JEFFORD, Hilda K  1898Deal, Kent I9930
10 JEFFORD, Louisa A  1892Deal, Kent I9928
11 JEFFORD, Walter H  1896Deal, Kent I9929
12 MANTLE, Alfred  1899Deal, Kent I7625
13 MANTLE, Doris  1900Deal, Kent I7626
14 MANTLE, Walter  1902Deal, Kent I7627
15 MANTLE, William  1904Deal, Kent I7628
16 MOAT, Charles  1858Deal, Kent I8984
17 MOAT, Edwin  1860Deal, Kent I8997
18 MOAT, Emily  1856Deal, Kent I9001
19 MOAT, Emily Martha   I8978
20 MOAT, Ethelbert  1853Deal, Kent I9000
21 MOAT, Martha  1842Deal, Kent I8999
22 MOAT, Thomas  1840Deal, Kent I8998
23 MOAT, William   I8971
24 NOBLE, Leonard George  1901Deal, Kent I8953
25 NOBLE, Walter  1866Deal, Kent I0696
26 PHILPOTT, Ellen  1847Deal, Kent I8990
27 PHILPOTT, George Edward Augustus  1845Deal, Kent I8994
28 PHILPOTT, Harriott  1833Deal, Kent I8986
29 PHILPOTT, Henry  1844Deal, Kent I8989
30 PHILPOTT, Maria Elizabeth  1847Deal, Kent I8995
31 PHILPOTT, Mary  1830Deal, Kent I8988
32 PHILPOTT, Richard  1835Deal, Kent I8987
33 PHILPOTT, Stephen Hubbard  1814Deal, Kent I8960
34 PHILPOTT, Walter William  1850Deal, Kent I8996
35 PHILPOTT, William  1850Deal, Kent I8991
36 THOMPSON, Alexander  1831Deal, Kent I2059
37 THOMPSON, Edmund  1822Deal, Kent I2046
38 THOMPSON, Elizabeth  1829Deal, Kent I2058
39 THOMPSON, Emma Taylor  1830Deal, Kent I2035
40 THOMPSON, Mary  1828Deal, Kent I2057
41 THOMPSON, Sarah  1821Deal, Kent I2056
42 THOMPSON, Sarah Elizabeth  1848Deal, Kent I2047
43 THOMPSON, Sarah Jane Larkins  1822Deal, Kent I2044
44 THOMPSON, Stephen  1788Deal, Kent I2054
45 UNKNOWN, Mary  1811Deal, Kent I8985
46 WHITE, Catherine  1791Deal, Kent I2055


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 JEFFORD, Ann Catherine  24 Feb 1965Deal, Kent I9028
2 MANTLE, Minnie  13 Nov 1902Deal, Kent I0312


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 HARRIS, Rebecca Mount  19 Dec 1838Deal, Kent I2459
2 MOAT, Emily Martha   I8978
3 MOAT, William   I8971


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 GILL / MOAT   F2528
2 HARRIS / GOODCHILD  1826Deal, Kent F1190
3 THOMPSON / WHITE  25 Jan 1809Deal, Kent F0596